Time for a Little Romance

There are few things that get to a woman’s heart more than a surprise.  No … [More]

Special Occasions Celebrated In Elegant Surroundings

There’s something truly wonderful about being the guest of honour at a … [More]

Celebrating Your Lovely Mum

You'll be in the dog-house if you forget that next Sunday, 30th March is … [More]

Mothers Day Image

Christmas Cheer at Edge

The nights are drawing in and the air is getting crisper – Autumn is now in … [More]

traditional christmas lunch


Music + Food = Fun

Going back in history, many great feasts have been accompanied by the dulcet tones of a variety of musical genres.  From … [Read More...]

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Love-Notes, Traditions & Valentine’s

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, how much thought have you given to making this year’s celebrations a little … [Read More...]

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Delicious Desserts

Culinary Advice, Cooking Tips and Tasty Recipes Direct from the Kitchen at Edge - Chef's decided to share his culinary expertise, advice, creative cooking tips and a few tasty recipes too.  So, here’s something sweet, hot and delicious that’s … [Read More...]

Seasonal Produce – What’s In, What’s Out?

Every fruit, vegetable or meat has its season when it is at its tastiest and most abundant.  At Edge Restaurant we attempt to serve as many dishes as possible at using seasonal fruits and vegetables.   Autumn brings the colder and damper weather, and … [Read More...]