A New Addition to the Family

Pan Fried Scallops Chef’s recently been busy whipping up a few new culinary goodies in the kitchen.  Picture this, Pan fried scallops, caper & golden raisin puree, baby      fondants, with a cauliflower emulsion’… mmm, mmm, mmm… sounds absolutely mouth-watering doesn’t it, can’t you just taste those tender, tasty scallops.

In addition to the taste factor, scallops are actually an excellent source of nutrition too, providing a small percentage of the body’s daily requirements of Iron, Omega-3, Protein, Selenium, and Vitamin B12, amongst others, and they’re low-fat too, so there’s absolutely no reason why one shouldn’t keep their heart healthy whilst indulging the taste-buds a little.

Over the coming month’s Chef will be adding more fabulous new dishes to the menu so keep an eye out for more posts on the blog, and on Facebook.

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