Love-Notes, Traditions & Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how much thought have you given to making this year’s celebrations a little extra special?  Create something meaningful for your amour, something that shows you’ve gone the extra mile to express your love and gratitude to your amour! Yes, it’s true that the stores are currently overflowing with deliciously […]

Get The Party Started with Chef’s Mulled Wine Recipe

To get your Christmas festivities in full swing, and to impress your friends with your culinary skills, why not try Chef’s fabulous Mulled Wine recipe. It’s perfect for celebrating at home with friends and family, and it’ll not only taste good but will make the house smell absolutely wonderful. What you’ll need: 750ml of red […]

Christmas Cheer at Edge

The nights are drawing in and the air is getting crisper – Autumn is now in full swing, which means Christmas isn’t far away! Here are Edge Restaurant, we’re throwing ourselves whole-heartedly into our preparations for the holiday season. We love getting ready for Christmas – it’s an exciting time for both staff and customers. […]

Delicious Desserts

Culinary Advice, Cooking Tips and Tasty Recipes Direct from the Kitchen at Edge – Chef’s decided to share his culinary expertise, advice, creative cooking tips and a few tasty recipes too.  So, here’s something sweet, hot and delicious that’s perfect for the holidays – the first of our delicious desserts! Picture this—a buttery shortbread crust, […]

Seasonal Produce – What’s In, What’s Out?

Every fruit, vegetable or meat has its season when it is at its tastiest and most abundant.  At Edge Restaurant we attempt to serve as many dishes as possible at using seasonal fruits and vegetables.   Autumn brings the colder and damper weather, and with it a desire for heartier and more warming dishes, and very […]

Music + Food = Fun

Going back in history, many great feasts have been accompanied by the dulcet tones of a variety of musical genres.  From melodious mistrals at a Royal banquet, to laid-back beats of rhythm and blues, or the abstract sounds of a jazz band – that’s why there’s a place for music of any genre at our […]

Special Occasions Celebrated In Elegant Surroundings

There’s something truly wonderful about being the guest of honour at a special event.  Whether it’s a simple family get-together, celebrating a close friend’s birthday, or honouring the happy couple on a milestone wedding anniversary.   Finding the right location that offers not only great customer service but also a varied menu of exquisite dishes, and […]

Celebrating Your Lovely Mum

You’ll be in the dog-house if you forget that next Sunday, 30th March is Mothering Sunday here in the U.K., so give some extra thought today to what wonderful gifts, goodies and enjoyment you can shower on your Mum on this annual day of celebration. The majority of us will agree that during our childhood […]

Mood Food for your Valentine

Getting the mood just right is essential for celebrating Valentine’s Day as you enjoy a romantic dinner with the one you love in Bournemouth by the sea.  Choosing the most flattering and elegant outfit is a must, and selecting the perfect restaurant location that tick’s all the boxes, from ambience and décor to the fabulous […]

Let the Yuletide Festivities Begin

The year is almost over and December has arrived along with fresh frosty mornings, beautiful clear winter skies and perhaps a smattering of snow too!  The pace has stepped up to that of ‘frantic’ as we prepare for the busy festive season here at Edge Restaurant in Bournemouth. The Christmas function menu that chef’s created […]