Delicious Desserts

Culinary Advice, Cooking Tips and Tasty Recipes Direct from the Kitchen at Edge – Chef’s decided to share his culinary expertise, advice, creative cooking tips and a few tasty recipes too.  So, here’s something sweet, hot and delicious that’s perfect for the holidays – the first of our delicious desserts! Picture this—a buttery shortbread crust, […]

Seasonal Produce – What’s In, What’s Out?

Every fruit, vegetable or meat has its season when it is at its tastiest and most abundant.  At Edge Restaurant we attempt to serve as many dishes as possible at using seasonal fruits and vegetables.   Autumn brings the colder and damper weather, and with it a desire for heartier and more warming dishes, and very […]

Dine Early and Enjoy our Special ‘Early Bird’ Menu

Exciting news for all you die hard foodies out there.  We’ve created a special ‘early bird’ menu that’s filled with a variety of mouth-wateringly appetising dishes.  Starting on Tuesday, August 14th you can enjoy either 2 courses for £20, or 3 courses for £25.  Just schedule your dinner reservation between 6:00pm and 6:30pm, Monday to […]

Decadence with Dom, That’s Perignon

We think you deserve an extra special treat during the month of August!  Well, we figured that you’ve had to wade and paddle through the rainy British summertime so this is the very least we could do to ease your pain! Beginning on Saturday, August 4, we’re adding this exquisite little number to our Platters […]

A New Addition to the Family

Chef’s recently been busy whipping up a few new culinary goodies in the kitchen.  Picture this, Pan fried scallops, caper & golden raisin puree, baby      fondants, with a cauliflower emulsion’… mmm, mmm, mmm… sounds absolutely mouth-watering doesn’t it, can’t you just taste those tender, tasty scallops. In addition to the taste factor, scallops are actually […]

Edge Announce the Appointment of Tom Scoble as New Head Chef

It’s with great excitement that we announce the arrival of our new, highly talented head chef, Tom Scoble. With a history of working with and learning from the crème de la crème of culinary masters (Marco Pierre White, Richard Corrigan and Jean Christopher Nouvelle to name a few), it is no great surprise that when […]

A New Season Inspires a New Menu

Along with the arrival of Springtime, sunny skies and warmer temperatures, there’s a seasonal change taking place at Edge Restaurant too.  We’ve put much thought into creating the new seasons’ menu to enhance your dining experience even further and are happy to announce the launch of our brand new a la carte menu on Thursday, […]