Delicious Desserts

Culinary Advice, Cooking Tips and Tasty Recipes Direct from the Kitchen at Edge – Chef’s decided to share his culinary expertise, advice, creative cooking tips and a few tasty recipes too.  So, here’s something sweet, hot and delicious that’s perfect for the holidays – the first of our delicious desserts! Picture this—a buttery shortbread crust, […]

A New Addition to the Family

Chef’s recently been busy whipping up a few new culinary goodies in the kitchen.  Picture this, Pan fried scallops, caper & golden raisin puree, baby      fondants, with a cauliflower emulsion’… mmm, mmm, mmm… sounds absolutely mouth-watering doesn’t it, can’t you just taste those tender, tasty scallops. In addition to the taste factor, scallops are actually […]