Celebrating Your Lovely Mum

Mothers Day ImageYou’ll be in the dog-house if you forget that next Sunday, 30th March is Mothering Sunday here in the U.K., so give some extra thought today to what wonderful gifts, goodies and enjoyment you can shower on your Mum on this annual day of celebration.

The majority of us will agree that during our childhood it was our Mother who took such great care of us, whether we acknowledged it at the time, or not.
She cooked for us, cleaned for us, dressed us from head to toe, always remembered our birthday and christmas.  She drove us to cubs, scouts, brownies, guides, football practice and ballet, and always with a smile on her face, filled with a desire to give us something a little extra to enjoy and inspire us throughout our childhoood.

Well, now that we’ve inspired you, and taken you on a trip down memory lane, be sure to make extra special fuss of your Mum to show her just how much she means to you, acknowledging her for all those times when you put up a fight about not eating your green, cleaning your bedroom, polishing your shoes, doing your homework and the many other chores that seemed so distasteful at the time.

Here at Edge Restaurant in Bournemouth we’re celebrating Mothering Sunday with our exceptional Mother’s Days Sunday lunch, so call our reservations staff today and make sure you secure the perfect table for Mum with the stunning 180 degree view of our beautiful Dorset coastline.


Whether you’re a Mother, Grandmother or Great Grandmother, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.
From all of us here at Edge Restaurant


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