Love-Notes, Traditions & Valentine’s

Vintage Valentines CardWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how much thought have you given to making this year’s celebrations a little extra special?  Create something meaningful for your amour, something that shows you’ve gone the extra mile to express your love and gratitude to your amour!

Yes, it’s true that the stores are currently overflowing with deliciously naughty chocolates, pre-written cards, and a selection of beautiful floral bouquets, but instead of following the masses this year, why not step back in time for a moment and remember the traditions of Valentine’s Day.  It wasn’t all about glitzy expensive baubles and copious amounts of sweet naughtiness, but rather a simple hand-written, heartfelt verse that truly expressed one’s love and desire for their ‘true-love’.

In 1797, to assist young love-struck gentlemen who knew little of verbalising their hearts desire, one astute British publisher released, ‘The Young Man’s Valentine Writer’, a book filled from cover to cover with a selection of love notes and verses for those less than capable of composing such sentimentalities themselves.  A huge success, many a young lover was now more than able to express their true feelings, winning the heart of their intended!

Liz Taylor Whitmans ChocolatesBy the 19th century sending Valentine’s cards had become extremely popular, and was now accompanied with what has now become the standard in Valentine’s gifts, beautifully packaged chocolates, elegant floral arrangements, and a little sparkling jewellery too.

The final attribute to create the most memorable and enjoyable Valentine’s Day has to be a romantic dinner for two at your favourite restaurant.

Surrounded by style and elegance, treated to a sumptuous menu of deliciousness such as, Local Steamed Mussels, and mouth-watering Chateaubriand, or Native Half Lobster, and all finished off with our Assiette of Chocolate (for 2), and washed down with a  little bubbly!  Now, if that doesn’t hit all the right buttons, then we don’t know what does.

As a reminder, Valentine’s Day is this Friday, February 14.  The restaurant is filling up fast, so make your reservations today on 01202-757007.So, why not try your hand this year and create a personal love-note in your own words for that special person in your life!  We guarantee it’ll mean a whole lot more than a pre-printed card from your local card shop!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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