Mood Food for your Valentine

Getting the mood just right is essential for celebrating Valentine’s Day as you enjoy a romantic dinner with the one you love in Bournemouth by the sea.  Choosing the most flattering and elegant outfit is a must, and selecting the perfect restaurant location that tick’s all the boxes, from ambience and décor to the fabulous view, these are all things that should be a big part of your decision making process when selecting a restaurant for a special dining experience.  But more importantly, has thought been given to what’s actually on the menu and does it offer one a little assistance in the seduction department with the inclusion of a few aphrodisiac foods to enhance the mood?

Aphrodisiac foods have always been highly favoured to add a little extra ‘spice’ to a celebratory meal or romantic night out, so consider the following simple delicacies as part of your Valentine’s Day celebrations:

Not necessarily an aphrodisiac but a little bubbly relaxes not only the body but the brain too!

Cheese & Chocolate:
It seems strange they should be paired together (though obviously not eaten at the same time) but both contain Phenylethylamine, known as the ‘love drug’, a chemical that raises blood pressure, and produces a natural feeling of contentment and well-being whilst also improving blood circulation.


  • High in Vitamin B, Avocados aid in the production of male hormones
  • High in Potassium and Vitamin B, Banana’s stimulate sex hormone production, and increase blood flow;
  • Ginger is said to increase desire
  • Raspberries are high in Vitamins A & E so they’ll also enhance sex hormone production, and aid in circulation too;
  • Brimming with vitamins and also contain amino acids, Strawberries help to maintain sexual health.


  • Probably the most well-known aphrodisiac of them all, Oysters are jam-packed with Zinc, known to be a booster of male hormones and sperm production, increases blood flow thus increasing libido in both men and women.
  • Caviar also offers the same high levels of Zinc, so perhaps begin your meal with a decadent and delicious serving of one, or the other, or both!
  • As an alternative to Oyster, try Mussels
  • For those with a more daring palate, from Japan, Puffer Fish, though highly poisonous, when prepared correctly it is said be quite the aphrodisiac!

Nuts & Seeds:

  • Chilli, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric – they are all spicy dopamine stimulants, spice up your meal and you’re mood will follow!
  • Pine Nuts, Pistachios and Pumpkin Seeds, all rich in Zinc, they’ll boost the sex hormones by increasing testosterone levels.

Salad & Vegetables:

  • Rich in Vitamin E, Asparagus is a sex hormone booster.
  • The pungent aroma and flavour of Garlic is enough to get your senses flowing, improving circulation thereby increasing libido.
  • Celery contains the hormone androsterone – secreted through sweat glands it is highly attractive to women!  So stock up on that celery chaps!
  • The delicate spicy flavour of Radishes is said to stimulate not only the palate but the senses too!

So now you’ve been given a little ‘food for thought’, remember next time you’re out for dinner with the one you love that there’s always the option to spice things up with the addition of one of these (an many other) natural aphrodisiac foods!

No matter where you choose to dine and celebrate on February 14 we hope you enjoy some amazing food, as well as a little love and romance this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s.

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